Workers Compensation Attorney Laconia NH

If you need to speak with a workers compensation attorney from Rice Law Office in Laconia, NH, please call 603-528-5299 to request a consultation. Whether you have been denied payment of medical bills, lost wages, return to work, or you are eligible for a permanent impairment payment, vocational rehabilitation, or want to negotiate a lump sum settlement on your claim, Rice Law Office will fight to ensure your best interests are protected. Workers' Compensation laws can be complicated and the paperwork that must be filed can seem daunting.
Rice Law Office's experienced workers' compensation attorney in Laconia, NH can guide you through the maze of paperwork and workers’ compensation hearings to help you get the full compensation you deserve.
At Rice Law Office, they do not charge you a fee on your claim until you receive compensation. With Rice Law office on your side, you can rest assured that your interests are being protected. Many of the workers’ compensation laws are complex and it is best to have an experienced litigator who knows which papers to file and how best to plead your case to get maximum compensation for you and your family.
If you have been denied workers’ compensation, contact Attorney Anne Rice immediately to help defend your rights. Rice Law Office can explain your rights under the law and help you file mandatory paperwork quickly and efficiently.
Visit Rice Law Office online at, to find out more about their firm and how they can help you. You’re also welcome to call their office at 603-528-5299 if you would like to request a consultation to discuss the details of your case.
Workers’ Compensation claims for loved ones who die from a work-related injury or disease can also be requested by surviving family members. Rice Law Office can handle the paperwork and guide you through the hearings while the family takes care of personal affairs. It is your right as an employee to receive workers’ compensation for covered on-the-job injuries or occupational illnesses. If you have been denied your rights, contact Rice Law Office immediately for help with your claim.
It may be surprising to learn that the vast majority of cases in litigation never make it to trial. While every litigant must be prepared to bring a case to judge or jury, the fact is, most cases resolve through negotiation, mediation or arbitration before either side steps foot in a court room. This does not mean you should not seek the assistance of a workers compensation attorney for your Laconia, NH case. You should, in fact, have the best representation possible.
Attorney Rice is not only an experienced advocate but she also serves as a mediator for the New Hampshire Human Rights Commission and Judicial Branch. Having sat on both sides of the mediation table has helped her bring valuable perspective and understanding to the process and most importantly, for the prompt and mutually beneficial resolution of the matter to the parties.
If you would like to speak with a workers compensation attorney from Rice Law Office in Laconia, NH, please contact their firm by calling 603-528-5299.

Workers Compensation Attorney Laconia NH

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