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Expel Exterminators takes steps to protect your home from becoming infested by rodents. We use the latest mesh filters to filter all areas that are affected. We’ll be able to complete the task swiftly and with a speedy result. We can help you. Expel Exterminators give you the best rodent removal and proofing services for your office or home.

Every kind of rodent or rat will require the proper treatment. Our pest control service is virtually nothing. No matter where you are within San Jose, call us for a free rodent inspection to determine the bid for the service. 

Expel Exterminators provides non-toxic methods for rodent proofing your home.

Rats and mice aren’t just a nuisance, they could also cause property damage and carry diseases. It is obvious in the event that you notice rodent droppings in the vicinity of an food source, or even shredding paper or fabric. If you find rodents, there are a few actions to follow to ensure the removal of these pests permanently.

Eliminating rodents using poisons or traps is not going to ensure that rodents are kept out of your home for the foreseeable future. To ensure that mice and rats out of your house or workplace, you’ll have to block entry by sealing all entrance points. It is equally essential to keep rodents away from areas like water and food by keeping food items in sealed containers, and also fixing leaky pipes.

What attracts rodents?

  • Food that is not sealed, such as chips in bags cereal, rice crackers, flour and other non-perishables.
  • Food and water for pets left outside overnight and in bags than in a safe container.
  • Fruits and vegetables in clear bowls that are left out of the refrigerator.
  • Pipes that leak or leaky faucets all over the home.
  • Open bins for compost and trash.
  • Common Rodent Access Points
  • Holes close to cabinets, closets or doors that lead to the crawl spaces, or outside spaces.
  • Holes around appliance or sink pipes.
  • Foundations that are cracked in the basement or ventilation holes that are not screened in the attic, particularly in older structures.
  • Holes in windows or doors.
  • Screens missing in crawl spaces or vents beneath structures.

After you’ve blocked entry points and eliminated sources of water and food then you’ll need to eliminate all rodents remaining. The sections below provide an overview of various solutions and offer helpful guidelines to keep your business or home free of mice and rats.

San Jose Rodent Proofing Services

It is crucial to identify if your house is home to an infestation of rodents or rats or if you see any signs that this is likely to happen in the near future. If not, rodents could ruin the insulation you’ve just put in. If you’ve been looking in search of an “best rodent proofing service near me” across various search engines, day or night , we have you covered. The rodent control service we offer services have proved reliable for numerous businesses and homes.

It’s hard to locate a trustworthy and reliable San Jose pest control. It requires years of experience to be able to recognize rodents and the various San Jose rodent. Expel Exterminators has many years of experience in the market for pest control. We know how clever and agile rats can be, especially when hiding. That’s what makes rats a risky nuisance. Removal, decontamination and avoidance are just a few of the rodent removal services that our team excels at.

If rodents have invaded the crawl space of your home, let us assist you in locating the root of your issue and eliminate this problem. We can pinpoint the entry points and seal them to prevent rodents from invading your home. Don’t let a stray pest ruin your home. Contact us now to find out more about our services or request an estimate. Let us help you solve your rats problem.

Pest Control Service

Other services we offer are general pest control. We are a licensed pest control company based out of San Jose, Ca. If you need help with pest control San Jose, contact us for a free over the phone quote.

Rodent Removal Service

Besides rodent proofing, we also offer rodent removal services. Once our pest control services starts to work you will need to then remove the rodents from attic or basement. Call Expel Exterminators today!

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COVID-19 And Expel

Expel is taking steps to ensure that we are compliant with CDC recommendations while still providing services to eliminate your other non-viral pests. We use masks, safety glasses, gloves, and booties as we work in your home.