pest Types

Find out what kind of pest is inhabiting your home or office.

Frequent Intruders

Below, we have the most common pest types that can be found here in the Santa Clara county.  Expel Exterminators has the experience you are looking for.  This helps with the first step which is inspection and identification.  Have you seen any of these intruders in your home or office?


One of the most common pest are Cockroaches. In the bay area the most common of these are the German, Brown-Banded, Oriental, and American cockroaches.


Bees, Hornets and Yellow Jackets. The colonies will continue to grow once they have started a permanent nest. We can help determine the species and the best way to deal with it.


The most common are Roof Rat, Norway Rat and house mouse. Rodents can damage structures by their gnawing and burrowing, contaminate food, as well as spread disease that can affect humans and livestock.


Ants are among the most common pests in households. Carpenter ants tunnel through wood, destroying structures. Pharaoh ants may transmit diseases. The Argentine Ant is the most common ant that invades homes and businesses.

What Is THe Best Treatment For Bed Bugs?


This can kill bed bugs in entire residential complexes.  This method is very complex and requires a certified expert so that the procedure is performed safely, and correctly.

Heat Treatment

Still very effective but does not use any chemicals and likewise is not intrusive.  This method is also more affordable than full service fumigation.


Black Widow Spiders can be a threat to children and pets with their powerful venom. They can be found outdoors in tall grass, moist areas. Unlike the most common spider the house spider.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have a very powerful odor that is caused by an oil-like liquid they release. Infestations often begin when these bugs are carried into houses by clothes, luggage, furniture, and bedding. The two options for bed bugs are heat treatment and fumigation.
COVID-19 And Expel

Expel is taking steps to ensure that we are compliant with CDC recommendations while still providing services to eliminate your other non-viral pests. We use masks, safety glasses, gloves, and booties as we work in your home.