Pest Services

Commercial and residential extermination, and pest prevention services.

Inspection and Treatment

Not sure if you have a pest problem?  Let us perform an interior and exterior inspection before your infestation becomes a huge headache.  For a full list of pests, check out our pests page.  Our pest services come with a 30 day guarantee.

                                       Interior & Exterior Inspections

A quality pest inspection includes detailed visual examination inside and outside your home by a trained and experienced pest expert.

Pests often take refuge in secluded parts of your home. A pest inspection expert can confirm a problem before it get's too big.

Residential Service

We take the health and safety of your family very seriously. This is why we tend to prefer botanical solutions when it comes to treating your home.

Service generally includes a thorough examination of the outside and inside of your home. Once we've determined a treatment strategy, we will facilitate the relocation of you and/or your family.

Commercial Service

It can complicated to close a business down temporarily as opposed to relocating a family from their home. For this reason, we want you to know that our commercial exterminator services prioritize minimal down time. we use baits, low toxity, botanical derived from plants this way you can keep your business going.

We also understand that businesses tend to be more suceptible to specific pests such as rodents and cockroaches. We will advise on prevention efforts to keep you up and running.

Stinging Pest Control

Most of the commonly encountered stinging pests, other than the scorpion, belong to the insect order called Hymenoptera, which includes ants, bees and wasps. Although some of these animals are beneficial pollinators, they are still dangerous.

If we deem it suitable, we may also contract a beekeeper. Keep in mind, honeycombs from pests are not suitable for human consumption.

Cobweb Removal

Spiders such as the Black Widow or the Brown Recluse are incredibly poisonous, but interestingly, not all spiders are harmful. However, all spiders spin webs.

While webs are major cosmetic and comfortability issue, they also pose a fire hazard. Let expel keep you spider, and web free.




Pests Don't Stand a Chance

Stay bug free with our recurring services

Pest Control

Routine inspections & treatment

We offer routine inspection and treatment services so that you never have to worry about an infestation. This is crucial to maintaining a bug free environment.

COVID-19 And Expel

Expel is taking steps to ensure that we are compliant with CDC recommendations while still providing services to eliminate your other non-viral pests. We use masks, safety glasses, gloves, and booties as we work in your home.