There are things that rodents love about your home. It’s why they’ve been hanging in there for a long time. Pest control in San Jose is your best option to eliminate and control the problem. Unfortunately, some rodents carry a variety of illnesses. So before it affects you and your family, here are some tips.

Warmth, dirt, and smelly surroundings are some things that rodents love about your home. But, with poor sanitation and cleanliness, you’ll have a battalion of rodents living under your roof without you knowing it.

Pest Control in San Jose: Things Rodents Love About Your Home

The last thing that anyone would want in their home are rodents. Unfortunately, rats or mice are all household nuisances. They can infest your walls and eat wooden frames, insulation, and wires. They can also carry disease that can harm you and your family. 

Similar to any pest control, the most effective method is prevention. However, before you can begin working on stopping a rodent invasion, you have to know why rodents seek out human dwellings. So here are things rodents will love about your home.


When fall arrives, the temperature will begin to fall. Rodents aren’t fans of cold temperatures and tend to seek warm places. Your home is a great place to stay warm during colder seasons, it is a place for them to call home. It will help ensure that they don’t freeze in the winter months and that they are protected from predators.

Rodents can get through the smallest of gaps and find ways to get into your home without being spotted. It is why it’s crucial to get an inspection from your local pest control service. They’ll find any possible entry points and block them out this is called rodent proofing.


Rodents also need food to live, and you’ll find plenty of it at your home. The benefit for them is that they’re not an aggressive eater. Rodents usually eat the food you leave on the table or fall on the floor.

A handful of crumbs can be a meal for them and enough to keep them going for the whole day or perhaps even more. To avoid this, you’ll have to keep your surfaces spotless. Then, seal all your food items in containers.


As with all living things, rodents also need water for survival. Any standing water source – dirty or not – can attract rodents. You can leave water on the table for your dog or cat, or it could be from a leaky tap. Both of these options should suffice to keep rodents hanging in your home.

Poor Sanitation

Your home doesn’t need to be a complete mess to attract rodents. Small things like food scraps left on counters after making sandwiches or garbage you’ve decided to put off are enough to attract hungry rodents.

Maintaining your home’s cleanliness does not just refer to your interior. For example, if you have nut or fruit trees in your yard, it’s essential to ensure that you maintain them well. Leaving rotten or damaged fruit on the ground will attract rodents to your yard. It’s a swift and easy way for them to go into your home to search for food or shelter.


Rodents seek refuge in dark and warm places that are secure from predators. To stop them from establishing a home within your house, seal all gaps and crevices around windows and doors. At Expel Exterminator LLC, we can inspect your house for entrance points or weak points to ensure your home is protected from pests all year.

Playing Field

You read it right. Rodents are social animals. They socialize with other rodents and enjoy having fun with their fellow rodents. If you can hear a few footsteps bouncing around your ceiling, then it is likely, that your tenants are playing. They also love jumping from one spot to the next. It means that they can leap down from high points. 

If you own an outdoor pond or bathtub that you forgot to maintain, don’t be surprised to see rodents swimming in it. In addition to being runners, they’re also water enthusiasts. 

Pet Food

If you own pets and leave food on the table overnight or in the daytime, even when you’re not home – you could be feeding your unwanted guests. Mice and rats happily eat almost all pet food and will even climb into cages to steal meals. 


The majority of rodents look for doors that are small enough to allow them to enter your home. Therefore, gaps, cracks, or damaged bricks surrounding the pipelines that supply water and gas and under the exterior doors can become an ideal place to breed unwanted guests. Thus, you must take a thorough look around the exterior of your home to find entry points.


If you’ve got things in boxes, such as in a storage area or loft, mice will likely get drawn to your house since you’ve given them a lovely place to call home. Get rid of your storage objects promptly, so they don’t become a magnet for rodents. 

In addition, it is essential to keep in mind that you must look over your house for entry points. Blocking them will keep rodents away. A pest control professional can assist you in determining the areas that are at risk and resolving the problem.

Pest Control in San Jose

If you suspect you are suffering from an issue with rodents, it’s crucial to get an exterminator as fast as possible. You might be amazed at how much damage these small creatures can cause.

These three elements are typically present in your home, and you may not even be conscious of these three elements. It is why it’s vital to keep your food items in containers, do not leave water soaking around, and also seal off the points of entry and exit. It’s better to keep the intruders from entering rather than having to tackle the problem.

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