EcoMosquito is a top-rated pest control company that offers comprehensive and natural pest control services. We are one of the few companies to offer organic mosquito control in Beverly, MA.

Ways to annihilate mosquito breeding sites

If your property suffers from a large mosquito population, it may be time for you to inspect your mosquito breeding grounds around your house. Mosquitoes, in general, use stagnant water for breeding purposes such as old tires, clogged gutters, empty flower pots, etc. Make sure to look for standing waters in your property and clear them at the earliest.

If the mosquito is breeding from a water source that you cannot discard, add some Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis or BTI granules in the water source, which is a safe and non-toxic larvicide. Besides, be sure to mow your lawn/yard and trim your shrubs regularly to avoid any mosquito breeding in your property.

How do I control mosquitoes in my yard?

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes in a property is to hire a professional pest control service provider. Another way to get rid of yard mosquitoes is to place yellow LED lights, sodium lamps, or bug lights in different parts of your property. Mosquitoes hate these lights and do not come anywhere close to the area with such lights.

If you require a permanent solution, inspect your property for stagnant sources of water and make sure to clear them as these can act as breeding grounds. If you have a pond or swimming pool in your property, make sure to maintain them regularly. Furthermore, make sure to treat your pools with essential chemicals to disinfect the waters off any pests. We are among the few pest control service providers to use organic mosquito control in Beverly, MA, to ensure safety to plants, pets, and children.

Ways to avoid mosquitoes

In order to protect your property from future pest infestations, make sure to clear any standing water inside and outside your home. Be sure to trim the bushes in your yard, mow the lawns, and clean the gutters regularly.

Furthermore, make sure to grow plants like basil, bee balm, catnip, citronella, and garlic in your backyard to naturally repel mosquitoes and other harmful pests. Burning essential oils indoors like lavender, eucalyptus, neem, and lemongrass in the evenings is another effective way to avoid mosquitoes inside homes.

Precautions to prevent mosquito bites

Make sure to apply a good dab of mosquito repellents on your arms, feet, and face whenever you go out. Buying a repellent with DEET, picaridin, or PMD is highly effective in protecting you from mosquito bites. Besides, make sure to wear fully-covered clothes with full-sleeves and turtle necks to keep yourself safe from its bites. Use mosquito nets on all windows and doors in your property to protect your indoors from these pesky pests.

Contact EcoMosquito today to get a free estimate. We are one of the few pest control companies to use organic mosquito control in Beverly, MA, which ensures that plants, pets, and infants are safe from harmful chemicals.

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