Control Rodents And Make Your Home Rodent-Free

How to control rodents?

Once in our lives, we all have by spooked by this little creature even at home – rodents. No matter how small it is, these pests will always give most people shocking feels. We will cover how to control rodents and make your home rodent-free. 

The best way to have a rodent-free home is through cleanliness and regular interior and exterior inspections of those spaces where this creature could live. You can also try using the scent of peppermint in corners where rodents congregate. If you want to control rodents at home, you need to be consistent in disinfecting every nook of your home. This quick, natural remedy will help to keep those little furry creatures out for good.

Sometimes, mousetraps and cheese are not enough to have a home free home of rodents. In this case, you need other tactics to keep mice away. Rodents and mice have never been a pleasant experience, even if it is not harming us. However, these species can be quite dangerous that may pose a threat to anyone’s health.

What Wil Keep Rodents Away?

If you want to control rodents at home, you have to do it efficiently as possible. However, there are moments when none of your techniques are working for many reasons. It could either be because you are not applying enough pesticides, or there’s too much living in your home. Rodents can transmit disease, irradiate food, and trigger significant damage to your body. Moreover, rats are chewers, which are famous for their powerful front teeth nibbling through barriers.

The word rodent came from the French word “rodere,” which means “to gnaw.” Rodents can transmit disease, irradiate food, and trigger significant damage to your body. Moreover, rats are chewers, which are famous for their powerful front teeth nibbling through barriers. So, here are some simple methods to have a rodent-free home. 

Tip #1 – Block Rodent’s Entryways

If you don’t want someone to enter your home, block its possible entryways. It is the same for rodents. For effective rodent control, it’s better to make sure that these species don’t have a way to enter your home. Inspect your house thoroughly. Then, look for holes, crevices, and other gaps. 

Even if you find the smallest hole, cover it with an external-grade sealant or cement whenever necessary. You should also cover huge parts from around pipelines with mesh, then sealed with cement. You can also use metal panels at the bottom of wooden doors or windows. It will help prevent chewing by rodents. Moreover, make sure to cover the ventilated areas with mesh as well.

Tip #2 – Protect Your Exterior Access

Trees, weeds and overgrown vegetation can give rats access to your home. So, if you want a rodent-free home, make sure to trim the plants outside your home for successful rodent control. Moreover, ensure that there are no limbs that would touch the outside of your house. Eliminate weeds and rising grass and trees.

Keep firewood and other outdoor items at least a few inches off the ground. Try scheduling feedings during daylight if you have outdoor pets, and do not leave its food outside overnight. On the other hand, hold the trash bags securely and place in garbage cans with lids to keep rats from accessing rubbish. If you have excessive rat or mice problems, consider calling a pest exterminator.

Tip #3 – Remove Any Inside Attractors

After cleaning your outdoors, make sure to remove any rat attractors inside your home as well. Hygiene is key to handling rodents. ⠀ Do not leave meals on the counter or in open storage. Place all food in airtight containers and store it in cabinets and pantries, or the fridge. Throw the garbage out at night, clean the crumbs off countertops, and vacuum floors when needed.

Rats and mice may also go into other areas of the home. For example, it can nest in goods made from paper and carton. Therefore, do not stack boxes on the board and eliminate clutter. Make sure that you hold off the toilets so that there is no standing water on the ground.

Talk To Rodent Control Experts

One of the first steps to keep rodents out of your home is to prevent access to harborage and food. It wants to enter your place is because it smells something, and think that it is food for the rat. Therefore, you have to maintain cleanliness at all times in and out of your home. You also have to make sure that there are no overlapping stems, branches, and holes that will serve as an entryway to your home. Several traps and baits and methods are available to control rats. However, it requires strict supervision and maintenance. 

If you’ve tried many ways, but you’re still not getting the result that you want, you may want to call an expert. If you need the master of pest control in San Jose, California, call Expel Exterminator at 408-417-1545. We are a team of trained professionals to help you execute the most effective method for rodent control. So, ensure that your home is not welcoming rodents and any pests.

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