Why Trust Excess Logic With Your Electronics Disposal:

Reason #1: We offer 100% free disposal service for local businesses. At Excess Logic, we take recycling seriously, which is why we have long ago decided to provide local businesses with a service that would better meet their needs than what is currently being offered. We’re able to come to your facility and provide free pick-up and disposal of your electronics and other assets as a service to the community and as the #1 way of keeping e-waste out of local landfills. If you’re currently paying for electronics disposal, give us a call and see how much we can save you every month.

Reason #2: We make a difference. You’ve probably read the staggering numbers and statistics of how much of our country’s unused and out-dated electronics are ending up in the dump site. Those numbers can be tremendously discouraging and may even make you believe one company really can’t do much to change those numbers. When you partner with our agency, you’re not alone. You’ll join the ranks of hundreds of other local businesses we serve, all of whom are doing their part to bring about positive change in the environment. You can stand up and be counted along with other companies- and it won’t cost you a penny.

Reason #3: We can free up more space in your facility. Our electronics disposal services are particularly helpful to companies that are currently storing out-of-service equipment, not knowing what else to do with them at this time. Along with our free electronics disposal service, we provide the community with the following:

Data sanitation and destruction

On-site inventory ID

Certification for disposed of electronics

Data center deconstruction

Asset Recovery

Lab equipment remarketing

And much more!

Reason #4: We are reliable. We’re known and trusted by more than 300 organizations crosswise over California for surplus hardware remarketing and electronics disposal, which thusly, enhances investments for businesses, builds investment funds, returns more than 3 times the recovery than equipment sales and permits organizations an arrival of more than 10 times as opposed to reusing of benefits- and we’ll do all the work. Our specialists will deinstall and remove your equipment with the utmost care, transport it back to our warehouse for storage, manage and maintain your equipment while we work to remarket it, then share the profits with your company once it has sold.

You needn’t worry about your company’s sensitive data with us. We can sanitize hard drives and storage media with multiple passes, as required by today’s standards. We can also remove and physically destroy your equipment. You’ll find us to be the most convenient, secure and responsible way to reuse and recycle. Our disposal services are in strict accordance with all current regulations, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice.

Your neighbors are using our services- why not give them a call to find out how we’re measuring up? We can schedule a pick-up of your electronics, very often the next day following your call and your worries about recycling will be over. Call us at 650-307-7553 to request a consultation.


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