Do you need pest control in the winter? Most people think that winter is a safe season against pests because of the cold weather. You might be on holiday or enjoying the snow, but I’ll still be business as usual for some pests. Does it mean you need to opt for pest control during the winter months?

Pests would always linger around your home regardless of the season. So, they might probably invite themselves into your home, lurking around and looking for warm and secret spots. For example, spiders and rodents tend to be a problem during colder months.

Pest control in winter is not a waste of money, not even your time. Aside from spiders and rodents, there are a lot of pests that may linger around your home during cold seasons. Unfortunately, these pests will hang in your home, finding comfort and refuge until warmer weather ensues.

Is It Necessary To Have Pest Control In The Winter?

Don’t think of winter as a time to put off pest management because it’s a great time to ward off pests that may already find comfort in some dark and warm places in your home. It also helps you get ready for the hotter months ahead! 

Advanced IPM technicians are experts at locating and sealing pest entry sites and applying pesticides to establish a protective barrier around your property. Because the three factors that break down pesticides–light, heat, and moisture–are less influenced during colder seasons, winter is the best time to install this barrier. Then, when the temperature rises again, this ensures a pest-prevention program.

Providing complete attic pest control is another essential step conducted during the winter months. Many pests, such as cluster flies, boxelder bugs, and carpenter ants hide in attics. They go dormant until the weather warms up.

These pests can enter your property, which requires a costlier treatment. Dusting attic areas over the winter months will keep these pests out of your home, preventing you from having to deal with them when spring arrives.

What Pests Are Common in the Winter?

Believe it or not, there are many pests prevalent all year, even during winter. So whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you must be aware of these pests that may linger around your property during cold seasons. 

What Is The Best Time Of The Year For Pest Control?

There isn’t an optimum time of year for pest control because pests are always around regardless of the season. Pests may be active all year, but their number is not always the same way. A customer may request pest control depending on the infestation reach when pests become out of hand.

For example, pests are more active in the winter (or even when it’s raining) because animals are looking for a warm place to stay. But, again, it depends entirely on the customer—when you need it, you need it. As a result, there is no optimal time of year.

Pest Control According To Different Seasons

While there is no right or wrong answer when is the right time to do pest control – there’s a preventive timetable to do it. These are different types of pests and challenges you can expect to encounter throughout the year. But note that other factors will come into play. Thus your results may differ.

Late Winter

Most rodents are active during the winter months, especially in the attic. By the time winter arrives, the fresh mouse litters become fully matured. The obvious pitter-patter over your ceiling indicates that you have a roof rat infestation. 

When things get out of hand, you’ll notice an upsurge in activity and aggressive sounds as the rats fight for dominance. Rats will gnaw on wiring, drywall, clothing, and furniture, as well as scour your home for food to feed their young.


Spring is a season for new beginnings, and the pest population is no exception. Rodents and insects will emerge in search of food, which could include anything you leave lying around the house.

In terms of insects, you’ll most likely come across various ants and silverfish. However, the most common insect is the iconic cockroach, which may often appear in your kitchen or bathroom for the same reason – looking for food and water. But, unfortunately, here’s a real problem – it doesn’t take long for a single roach to multiply into a thousand. 

Ants will also be more active outside, venturing out and establishing new nests, allowing them to forage for food. During this season, fire ants are very active in your yard, with mounds appearing all over the place.

Early Summer

Wasps will emerge and prosper during this season. During this period, you may see yellow jackets and hornets around. If they perform well during the winter, they will be in more significant numbers earlier in the summer. 

Ants of all kinds are at full strength in terms of numbers. There will be more for them to harvest by then, so you may encounter them more regularly in your home. Fire ants will become much more active and a hazard with larger colonies. It is also the peak season for new cockroach infestations, which are American, German, and Asian species. The smell of food or rotting rubbish attracts roaches like nothing else.

Late Summer

Late summer brings an extensive cricket invasion and spiders and more wasps. Spiders are naturally active due to the extensive cricket invasion since it’s like Golden Corral for them. More male spiders will appear looking for a female mate. 

Late Fall and Early Winter

Summer food options for rodents and ants are swiftly dwindling. Since winter is approaching, the rats are looking for a warm, dry place to spend the winter. 

Year-Round Pests

Some pests are active all year in the Houston pest control sector. For example, bed bugs and termites are a constant problem, regardless of the season. Termites eat you out of your house, and bed bugs feed on your blood.

Why Do You Need Pest Control in Winter?

During the winter, pest control professionals can take their time and concentrate on the inside of your home. Pests already residing within your walls will not be affected by the cold, and professionals know what to check for when it comes to insects hiding in your home.

The peak season for pest control services occurs throughout the summer, but pests may stay inside your home during cold weather. Furthermore, more cunning animals can get into your home through the most unlikely access places. It includes a loose ceiling panel or a baseboard they can squeeze under.

So, it is crucial to check for probable cracks, holes, and gaps where pests can enter as early as now. Then, patch them up now rather than later. Finally, pesticides and insect treatments take longer to break down in the winter than in the summer. Therefore, any pest control preparations and applications that reduce pest activity substantially might remain longer and be more effective during this time.


Remember that while your insect populations may be lethargic and inactive during the winter, you can be sure that as the weather warms up, they’ll all come out to play.

Consider pest control treatments in the winter as a preventative precaution against unexpected pest infestations in the Bay Area. This way, you won’t be caught off guard by an unexpected flood of bugs and vermin in your home.

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