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Do you need immediate ant control in your Rockwall home or business? Let Safe Earth Pest Control show you the meaning of professional, with safe and effective treatments that can eradicate ants from your premises, regardless of what type they are.

Whether you have fire ants that have taken over your backyard, leaving you unable to enjoy your own lawn or are dealing with the Odorous house ant that nests inside of interior walls and other spaces, you can trust Safe Earth Pest control to come in and handle the problem quickly and affordably.

Carpenter ants are a nuisance in the state of Texas and can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Carpenter ants are large in size and maybe black and orange, brown or plain black in color. Nocturnal in nature, Carpenter ants will live in the hollows of tree trunks, within ceilings homes, behind walls and inside of other parts of the structure of buildings. While Carpenter ants do not consume wood, they will chew through it to hollow out sections to make their home.

Identification of Carpenter ants is crucial to developing a source of action toward ant control in your Rockwell home or building. Look for wood shavings around your home near cracks in the molding and siding. Although it is now known that Carpenter ants do not eat wood, the byproduct of their chewing resembles shavings from a pencil.

You may find Carpenter ants straying around after dark, so search them out with a flashlight inside and outside of your home, especially in areas where there are cracks in the structure of the building. Once found, place a Carpenter ant onto a sheet paper and measure it as accurately as is possible with a ruler. You may just have to settle for estimating its size. Carpenter ants range in size from 5/16th of an inch to one full inch long, making them one of the largest ants in the US.

A positive indication of a Carpenter ant is its signature heart-shaped head with large jaws and segmented antennae. Once these are noted, it is also advisable to look for a single- segmented ‘pedicle’ or what some call its waist, located between the thorax and the abdomen. While the winged termite is often misidentified as a Carpenter ant, they are easily distinguishable by noting that the termite has a broad, segmented waist while the Carpenter ant has a single pedicle.

If swarming, you can also note that with Carpenter ants, their front wings will be longer than their rear wings, a definite positive ID. Effective ant control from Safe Earth Pest Control in Rockwall depends on identifying the type of any that you’re dealing with.

If you’re unable to determine the species of ant that is invading your home, call in the pros at 214-321-BUGS and let them work their magic. With safe treatments that are effective in the eradication of all species of ants, your problem will soon be history.

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ant control Rockwall

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